• Head of Department, St. Petersburg Scientific and Research Institute for Radiation Hygiene, Russian Health Ministry (1961-2000)
  • Chairman of the Board of the Scientific Society of Radiation Hygienists, St. Petersburg (1967-2000)
  • Member of the Russian Problem Commission “Radiation Hygiene” by the Scientific Medical Council, Russian Health Ministry (1969-1997)
  • Organization Committee Member by 18 All-Russian and regional conferences, symposiums, and seminars
  • Participant of 14 international congresses and conferences
  • Lecturer of the All-Union Knowledge Society
  • Scientific consultant of four Dr. Sc. dissertations
  • Scientific supervisor of 18 Ph. D. dissertations
  • Participant of elaborating the Russian Federal Law “On Radiation Safety of Population”, as well as basic official normative documents (regulations, standards, manuals, etc.) in this area
  • Participant of liquidating the Chernobyl catastrophe consequences (1986-1997)
  • Manager of the brigade of specialists of the St. Petersburg Scientific and Research Institute for Radiation Hygiene, which carried out the task of the Russian Health Ministry to provide the radiation and medical defense of population in zones most intensively polluted by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (May-July 1986)

A.N.Liberman – dr.hab.med., professor, noted scientist in the field of hygiene, radiation medicine, radiation protection and social-psychological protection. During ca.40 years he was the leader and studying supervisor of a department of the Sankt-Peterburg‘s Scientifical-Research Institute of Radiation Hygiene. He is a participant of the Chernobyl disaster consequences liquidation. He is the author of more than 300 scientific works including 10 monographs and also of many normative and methodical documents. Well known are the A.N.Liberman’s scientific works in the studying of the uneven body irradiation effects, of the influence of small ionising irradiation doses on the reproductive function and in the studying of radiational-hygienical and social-psychological aspects of Chernobyl and Ural radiation disasters.

Areas of Competence
Radiation physics, Radiochemistry, Radiobiology, Radioecology, Normal and extreme physiology, Hygiene and human ecology, Medical radiology, Radiation defense and radiation safety, Sociology and social psychology, Labor protection

Traveling, tourism, Sea rest, Photo, Automobile, International politics

Other Arrangements to Participate

  • Organizing a round-table discussion on the problem “Radiation and a human”
  • Organizing and participating an expert scientific council
  • Preparation and reduction of information materials, collected papers, lectures, etc.
  • Individual and group consultations, etc.